Private Citizen, Inc.
Transmission of falsified Caller ID data

The following are photographs of the Caller ID display for several telemarketing calls received by a Private Citizen member on his cell phone in late 2000. 

The first four examples are from a telemarketing firm that sent Caller-ID data consisting of all zeros. These calls were from an autodialer recorded message player (ADRMP). That ADRMP did *not* provide the name of the entity responsible for the call, nor did it provide an address or telephone number where they could be contacted, a violation of the TCPA.

The called party spoke with a Miss Lawrence at Ameritech's Annoyance Call Bureau (313-255-3701) about this matter. She stated that sending Caller-ID data of all zeros is a trick telemarketers use to bypass Ameritech's Privacy Manager.  Privacy Manager blocks calls that are received without Caller-ID data, but will let calls with Caller ID data through (even when the Caller ID data is invalid). She also stated that Ameritech has identified several telemarketing firms using this ruse, and that Ameritech gets complaints about this on a daily basis.

The last two photographs show the difference in the Caller-ID display between the falsified Caller-ID data (in the first four photographs) and the more frequent 'missing' Caller-ID data, which results from calls placed by a telemarketing firm's predictive dialers (in the fifth photograph) and the less frequent 'blocked' Caller-ID obtained when a caller enters "*67" prior to dialing (in the sixth photograph).

Examples of calls with falsified Caller-ID information
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Example of predictive dialer call with ‘missing’ Caller-ID information
Example of ‘blocked’ Caller-ID information